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Expert-endorsed model annotated bibliography model on the effects of COVID 19 on the economy

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Annotated Bibliography on Economic Impacts of COVID-19

Albu, Lucian Liviu, et al. "Estimates of Dynamics of the Covid-19 Pandemic and of Its Impact on the Economy." Romanian Diary of Economic Forecasting, vol. 23, no. 2, 2020, pp. 5-17.

The article written by Liviu has provided an incredible economic insight after the worldwide pandemic. The pandemic has impacted each segment of society and well-being is no exception. The well-being sector showed some serious imperfections during the pandemic as a large portion of them were understaffed with patients' capacity. Hospitals couldn't expand their operations and they should be and it was the biggest obstacle to treating the patients. The situation in developing countries was far more regrettable as they come up short on basic infrastructure too. You might inquire writing service as to whether you need additional information or substance.

Atkeson, Andrew. What Will Be the Economic Impact of COVID-19 in the US? Good guesses of Disease Scenarios. National Agency of Economic Exploration, 2020.

America is the world's advanced country with the highest Gross domestic product yet it couldn't repulse the destructive impacts of COVID-19. Soon after the three months in the pandemic 3,000,000 individuals filed for unemployment allowance. The article provides comprehensive quantitative and qualitative economic indicators and measures to overcome any obstacle like writing company. It additionally includes three phases of disease expansion where it spread at extraordinary rates. Surprisingly, the ratio of COVID-19 positive cases was quite high in the US because of an absence of information and generalizations.

Maital, Shlomo, and E. Barzani. "The Worldwide Economic Impact of COVID-19: A Rundown of Exploration." Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Exploration, vol. 2020, 2020, pp. 1-12.

Barzani and Shlomo have contended that COVID-19 is a world phenomenon however ironically no government had some control over its spread. It cannot be said that they were ill-equipped and governments frequently have such play to execute in instances of emergencies. However, in the situation of COVID-19, situation was totally different and they couldn't pursue timely choices. There are some examples of overcoming adversity too as the virus originated in China however it, for the most part, impacted and killed more individuals in Latin America instead of in China.

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