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You can do it! You can learn another language!

You are not too old ... It doesn't matter if you wasn't good at school ... if you wasn't able to memorize ... Yes, you can do it without a teacher ...

You can start to learn a foreign language and get paid to do homework at any age NOW. What you need is motivation, persistence, perseverance, patience, determination ...

Choose a method and see if you can manage to follow it, from beginning to end. Choose the method that you think will work the best for you: There is different kind of methods (textbooks, Cds, tapes, online courses ... if you are not self-motivated enough, you can hire a teacher/tutor).

No, you are not going to learn a foreign language by sleeping. The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

Test different methods to see which one is the best for you.

You need to figure out how to find any answer key and what kind of learner you are to make the learning process easier for you:

Are you a verbal learner? A logical learner? A visual learner? An extrovert Learner? An introvert learners? A musical Learner? A physical Learner?

Don't be afraid to speak: Take every opportunity to use the language and challenge yourself to try out new phrases. Find a partner to chat. You will learn by practicing and studying.

What does sexy mean in mexican language?

How do you you say royal in different languages?

Is it true if you don't learn a foreign language while young there's a good chance you never will?

What type of people can you expect at an italian language class? I'm taking it in hopes of meeting italian men. American men or Italian descent. Will this help me at all, or will most people in this class likely be mostly just caucasians?

What language did they speak in when Jesus debated with Muhammed? I've never understood...


Are there any proper names that translate to a swear word in another language?

What is the sign for "red" in makaton sign language? I have been trying to find the sign for " red" using makaton sign but can't, if someone could give me a link or describe the action that would be great

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